Are you curious or confused as to what to think about all the current fascination with ghosts and the paranormal? Are you wondering how it fits in with your faith?Tens of millions of Americans feel the same way, and this site is dedicated to providing solid biblical, scientific, and logical answers to your legitimate questions. Perhaps you are experiencing this activity yourself....

It is my firm conviction--both from study and experience--that questions regarding the identity of ghosts and other paranormal phenomena are a theological is not equipped to answer questions regarding the identity of entities in  the spirit realm...which, according to the bible, is the temporary home designated by God for Satan/demons. (Hence, all attempts at communication are fraught with serious peril).

​The biblical God, the Creator of heaven and earth, provides us with GLASSES through which to view all of reality--a biblical worldview. Through these glasses we shall see that virtually all paranormal activity is demonic in nature.We need to be equipped in order to be able to discern supernatural evil. PLEASE check out some of my articles...thank you!

Welcome to SEEING GHOSTS THROUGH GOD'S EYES! This site is under construction, but for honest seekers of truth regarding the paranormal, I truly hope you find the help you are looking for. The articles are designed to give honest intellectual answers to honest intellectual questions.

Both here and in my book, my passion is to expose the unquestioned, basic assumptions of the paranormal community

to substantive theological, scientific, and logical critique.

As unprecedented interest in the paranormal continues to increase, so does the amount of demonic activity. Demons can mimic ANYTHING (angel of light), and God forbids contact with the spirit realm (EVP/Ouija board, ect)..see "Articles"


1.discussion of various bible passages re what happens to us  when we die.

2.why ghost hunting is dangerous and wrong...

3.why residual energy haunt is unscientific

4.what are demons, and how are they able to mimic ANYTHING to deceive?

5.who rules the "psychic airwaves"?

6. are there any good ghosts?

7. our feelings, intuition, autonomous reasoning (not subject to God/bible)and experience are NOT accurate criteria for determining paranormal reality. Only God can interpret His creation via the bible--especially the invisible,myserious spirit realm.

8. if you have issues with the authority of the bible, there are very good references that give intellectually satisfying answers

9. EVERYBODY has an ultimate criterion they fall back on for establishing truth...not just those who appeal to the bible.


1. Provide answers to honest seekers of truth re the paranormal.

2. To give guidance and help to those dealing with hostile paranormal activity--demonic infestation,, oppression, possession. Experienced as exorcist...


To access three interviews I did with Laura Maxwell, please see following link. Laura is a good friend from Scotland (an ex-medium)who is world renowned for her ministry to those caught up in the occult...…

I'm Mark Hunnemann, ordained Presbyterian minister since 1985, and author of the book SEEING GHOSTS THROUGH GOD'S EYES (Amazon, paperback/Kindle).

B.A. Phil. ASU, M.Div. Covenant/Erskine Seminaries      

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